At Grønjordskollegiet there is only private subletting. This means that a resident who wants to sublet his / her room finds a person he / she wants to sublet to.

You can sublet your room for up to 6 months.

You must always apply to have to sublet your room and send the application to

Remember to attach documentation for e.g. study stay. You must also attach your name, date of birth and year, mobile number, e-mail and documentation of study activity on the person you want to sublet to.

You must use our contract which you can download here:
fremlejekontrakt_1 Dansk / subletting contract 1 engelsk
Remember to give the administration a copy.

Please also refer to Fremlejeregler or Subletting of your study accommodation

It is not allowed to sublet through Airbnb or any other rental portal.

Internal relocation/moving

Internal relocation is when you apply for another home in the college you already live at.

You must live in a college for min. 6 months before you can apply for internal relocation.

To apply for internal relocation, you must make a new application on the website:
When you enter your address at the dormitory and apply for the same dormitory, you will automatically become an internal applicant, and thus be at the top of the waiting list for the dormitory

Under special conditions, you can specify whether you are only looking for a specific floor or e.g. a specific room no. or block.

If you are applying with another applicant, remember that the application only counts as internal if you are the main applicant.

Pay attention to the following:

When you move internally, you will always pay double rent during the renovation period – ie. 1 month. Normal notice of termination applies, but we try to re-let, so you only have to pay double for half a month.
You must pay the full deposit for the new accommodation. Your current deposit cannot be transferred to another residence.
You must terminate your contract to your current room yourself if you get a new room as an internal applicant. It will not be automatically terminated as the administrator cannot do it for you.
The administration must be contacted to send the termination form.
If you terminate your contract too late, we will not be able to allocate your old room to a new residents quickly, and then you will pay rent for the full notice period.