Moving in/out

How to apply to live on Grønjordskollegiet

In order to apply for a room at Grønjordskollegiet, you must write yourself up through Kollegiernes Kontor i København.
It is not possible to skip the waiting list through the administration.


Moving in

Things you should know if you want to move in

If you are allocated a room, you will receive an e-mail in which you must confirm in writing that you want the room.

Once you have said yes to a room via e-mail, you will shortly after receiving an e-mail from the dormitory management company FA09 with a link to the lease. The lease must be signed digitally with your NEM-ID.

Along with the rental contract, you will receive a payment card (for the deposit and 1st-month of rent). You will be given your room information and informed when you can pick up keys to your room.

Keys are picked up at the earliest on the first weekday of the month at the administration office in the community center.
Please note that it is not possible to pick up the keys BEFORE this date, however, it is fine if you want to pick them up a few days later, as long as you agree with the administration. If you would like someone else to pick up the keys, please contact the office by mail and state the name of the person who comes and picks up the keys. Remember that the person must have identification with them.

When you collect the keys, you will receive:
2 pcs. keys that fit your room, kitchen and your mailbox in the common house.
1 piece. door piece, which is used to enter your block, the laundry and the common house.

Note that you must make sure to name the mailbox yourself.


Things to know if you just moved in

You share a kitchen with 11-12 other people, so show consideration and clean up after yourself. The kitchen also serves as a TV lounge and cozy nook; a lot of the social stuff is going to happen out here. If you have questions, some of the others from the kitchen will usually be able to answer them.

The Dormitory Association arranges tours for newcomers. Here you get to know a lot of practical things, and you meet other residents who have also just moved in. In addition, newcomer parties are arranged at regular intervals. Keep an eye on the invitations at your door.

You can access the Internet by applying for a network account.

The key piece (chip) is used to get into All blocks (1,2,3,4,6), as well as the common building (where your mailbox is) and as a payment method for the washing machines.

In the kitchen there is cable TV (paid through the rent). There are antenna connectors in your room. If you want a television in your room, you must contact a provider and you must pay for the license yourself.

You must report your move to the National Population Register yourself, no later than 5 days after the move. You can find info on how to do it on the City of Copenhagen’s website,

How to write your address for the national register:

Street name = Grønjordskollegiet
House no. / Letter = Your block number
Floor = The floor below you. If you live in hallway 1, type ST.
Page / door number = Your room number.

Example: Room 1207
Street name: Grønjordskollegiet
House no. / Letter: 1
Floor: 1
Page / door number: 1207
Postal code: 2300 København S.
Questions? Contact the National Register via or 7080 7010

By ordinary mail from e.g. friends and bookings online, you can simply enter your address as: Grønjordskollegiet (room number xxxx), 2300 Copenhagen p.


Moving out

Things to know if you are moving out

If you wish to terminate your contract, you can terminate it by 1st and 15th of the month. The apartment must be vacated 14 days before the termination date due to the renovation period.

Notice of termination, cf. your contract,  is 6 weeks until the first of a month. This means 6 weeks from the date you hand in the notice of termination until the first month. You are responsible for the rent until the end of the termination notice.

Termination of the room can only take place through FA09.

Contact Information:

Tel: 32886000

Example: If you want to cancel your room by 1 November, you must notify us no later than 19 September. You must then be vacated by 15 October.

You will receive a notification for moving out inspection. If you do not want to participate in the inspection, keys etc. must be delivered to the administration’s mailbox latest at 08:30 on the move-out date.

You must clean the room yourself, vacuum, wash the shower curtain, wash the curtains, descale the bathroom, etc.

You may have to move borrowed dormitory furniture from your room down in the furniture bank.

You need to remember to clean out your closet in the kitchen as well as the fridge and freezer. If you have a basement, this must also be emptied.

You will receive a final settlement of your deposit approx. 6 weeks after the end of the termination period.