Residents’ council

The Residents’ Council is a democratically elected council, which is available to the dormitory. We are volunteers who want to help solve the challenges that can arise in a dormitory. A large part of our work is about complaints and conflict management between residents. We are also happy to help if you have problems with your lease.

Get involved and meet new friends

If you would like to have an impact in the community and help with the dormitory’s housing conditions or the challenges of dormitory life and meet new people, then come and be part of the Residents’ Council. 

We have an ordinary residents’ meetings twice a year, where all residents can participate. Here, the residents can come up with ideas and proposals for the dormitory and be elected to the Residents’ Council. 

If you are interested in the dormitory’s business and life at the dormitory, you are very welcome to send an application or ask any questions at 

All permanent residents can become members of the Residents’ Council. The Residents’ Council work is voluntary. 

The members are elected at the ordinary Residents’ Meeting which is held semi-annually and are elected for 2 years at a time. Re-election is possible. 

The residents ‘council can be contacted at, in addition it is recommended to follow, on the front page of and on Facebook for upcoming residents’ meetings and the like.

Our dorm – Our home

The residents’ council form and handle the dormitory’s regulations. It is therefore us residents who set the framework for which dormitory we want to have. The regulations are passed at the residents’ meetings. We also supervise the management and improvement of the physical housing conditions and the preparation of ideas for this.

Do you have an idea for a project?

If you have an idea for a project, then we can contribute with our help. Each year, we have a grant pool that can be awarded for purposes that strengthen our community. So if you have an idea, send us an application on our mail. Remember to state the reasons and a price estimate. 

Always consider first: 

Does the idea cost money? 

Does the project need maintenance? 

Who should maintain it? 

What do you do when you move? 

Who is (financially) responsible for the project if something goes wrong? Finally, ask if you are in doubt about anything!

Disagreements and complaints

Please see for any information regarding disagreements and complaints,

Influence in the Dormitory Board

Two of the six Board members are members of the Residents’ Council. Here we secure the rights and interests of the residents in the decisions regarding the dormitory.

Inquiries to the Residents’ Council 

Residents can write to our email 

We have a regular residents’ council meeting on the first Sunday of each month at 12 in the meeting room on the 1st floor of the administration building. You are welcome to participate as a private resident.

Members of the Residents’ Council
  • Chairman: Laurits Høgel elected 15/8-2019. Board member.  
  • Vice-Chairman: Martin Kocuba elected 30/4-2020. Board member 
  • Frederik Kloch Lorits elected 15/8-2019. 
  • Rebecca Inés Rensbro elected on 15/8-2019
  • Dan Vilcu elected on 30/4-2020
  • David Polit elected 30/4-2020
  • Ilinca-Maria Plugaru elected 30/4-2020
  • Marcell Balogh elected 30/4-2020