A lot of people live in the dormitory, and as Denmark’s second-largest, we are a dormitory with great diversity. Therefore, there are also conflicts, which can be anything, such as noise nuisance, cleaning problems in your shared kitchen or other disagreements between residents. FA09 acts as a neutral party that can help with your conflict. Write an email to us at, and we can help you.

If you wish to make a complaint about a neighbour, this has to be done by following these
5 steps in order. This applies to noise-complaints, smoking and other bothersome behaviour.

  1. Try talking with the complained resident in question and find a solution to the problem (In other words; you must have attempted contact and tried solving the problem yourself)
    This main rule can only be deviated from in cases of violence, harassment or other behaviour of serious and sensitive character where communication isn’t possible due to the circumstances. In that case, one is urged to contact the inspector/administration directly.
  2. If this does not rectify the situation – talk with your other neighbours and see if they experience the same problem(s) and want to file a complaint as signatories.
  3. Document the problem. Note dates, the times the problem occur or take pictures/film.
  4. Write a complaint by filling out this document; (The Five Steps Complaint Procedure) and attach any documentation. Remember to add your room number and signature.
    If more residents want to file a complaint over the same resident about the same circumstance, all complainants have to add their respective room number and sign the complaint respectively.
  5. Send the complaint to the Residents’ Council by the following e-mail in PDF-format:


If you have any doubts about the house-rules you can find them here.

Further info:

  • We don’t receive complaints through post or in person at this time
  • If you have more than one complaint, then you should send them through individual e-mails, as separate complaints.
  • Your complaint can take up to 2 weeks before it’s processed and resolved, depending on holidays and exams.
  • We will not answer any inquiries about how far we are with your complaint, or where your complain is in the line.