If you have problems in the dorm with another resident, then we encourage you to talk to that person before filing a complaint. Many problems can be solved by talking it out – perhaps the person isn’t aware that their behavior makes you feel bothered.

For your complaint to be valid, everything with * must be included in your e-mail to us:

  • * Send the mail to, and begin the title of the mail with ”KLAGE:” (which means “complaint”), followed by a short description of the complaint.
  • * The current date
  • * Date of the episode/episodes (if relevant)
  • * Room number / Name of the person / persons / institution that you want to complain about (if relevant)
  • * A short and accurate summary of the episode / episodes, with dates and times (circa) of each event.
  • * Your name (It’s not possible to make an anonymous complaint)
  • Your room number
  • Documentation of the episode / episodes (pictures, video, audio, etc.)
  • Witnesses to the episode / episodes (room number / name)

Further info:

  • We don’t receive complaints through post or in person at this time
  • If you have more than one complaint, then you should send them through individual e-mails, as separate complaints.
  • Your complaint can take up to 2 weeks before it’s processed and resolved, depending on holidays and exams.
  • We will not answer any inquiries about how far we are with your complaint, or where your complain is in the line.
  • If you only want to ask a question or make a comment to us, you can contact us without worrying about complaint form.