The Collegiate Association

The Collegiate Association (KF) is the resident’s association of Grønjordskollegiet. The primary purpose of KF is to accommodate the common interests of the residents and help the residents as much as possible. The Collegiate Association can consist of 6 board
members (a chairman, a treasurer, and 4 regular board members) and two supplement members.

The Collegiate Association is the driving force behind some of the social activities and oversees Hatten – the dorm bar in facilitating social activities. KF supports the social life in the dorm such as facilitating events, weekly sports activities, providing sports facilities, and different clubs.
The list below presents the social and sports activities held by the Collegiate Association.

Social Events

Midsummer Party: KF’s biggest annual event in collaboration with Hatten. It is normally held in July and is a one-day event, consisting of different activities every year and a lot of live music. It is held in the green area behind the administration building.
Oktoberfest: It is held every year in October at Hatten Bar. Don’t miss this great event with different competitions and games plus extra-large draft beers.
Christmas Bingo: It is held in December at Hatten Bar. There are nice prizes to win and free snaps for the residents.


The different clubs are created and closed in accordance with the demand and interests of the residents. If you want to hold any of the clubs or help take part and organize, you are more than welcome to contact us (For more information, search the group titles on Facebook)
GJK Homebrew: Homebrewing community for beer enthusiasts, meeting and brewing in H20 with an opportunity to try out GJK’s own homebrew.
GJK TTRPG group: A place for residents to get together and play roleplaying games. Generally playing connected one-shots using D&D 5e.
GJK Boardgames: A group for those who want to meet up and play board games. Residents can also bring their own games they wish to play with others.
GJK Knitting club: For anyone who wants to get together and knit, crochet, embroider or do any other creative activity. Hot drinks are provided.
Queer/LGBT+ Community at GJK: A group for Queer/LGBT and questioning residents to help create a community across the entire dorm.
Pottery classes: A club for those interested in ceramics. The instructor provides the dates for the classes on their Facebook page. There are limited spots available, so you need to sign up on the Facebook Group GJK Værkstedet H10 / GKJ Workshop H10. All levels are welcome!

Weekly Sports Activities

Yoga: There are yoga classes held weekly in H20. There are limited spots available, so you need to sign up on the Facebook Group – GJK Sports. All levels are welcome!
GJK Football Teams: We have both men’s and women’s teams. Both teams train together on the football field near DR Byen. For more info check out the Facebook page: Grønjorden – GJK Soccer.


KF helps with weekly printings, send your document to, before 19h every Wednesday and you can expect to see it in your mailbox Thursday morning. Please include your name and room number in the title or email when sending us the documents. Each resident has a limit of 100 pages every month.

In addition, KF provides a collective LLO membership, a tenant union that provides legal help regarding rent, deposits, and so forth.

The Collegiate Association is open to all ideas from the residents of Grønjordskollegiet. All you need to do is to contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!
KF – The Collegiate Association