The Collegiate Association

The Collegiate Association (KF) is the resident’s association of Grønjordskollegiet. The primary pupose of KF is to accommodate the common interests of the residents and help the resident’s as much as possible cf. the articles of association. Kollegianer Foreningen is the driving force behind some the social activities and supports the social events, weekly sport activites and sport facilities, groups, but also student political decisions like a collective LLO membership through KF.

Listed below is some of the activities held by Kollegianer Foreningen:

Social Events

Midsummer Party: KF ́s biggest annual event. It is normally held in June and is a one-day event, consisting of different activities and a lot of live music. It is held in the green area behind the administration building.

Oktoberfest: Held every year in October in Hatten Bar. Don’t miss this great event with different competitions and games plus extra large draft beers.

Christmas Bingo: An annual event held in December down at Hatten Bar. There are always nice prizes and free snaps for the residents. Online Bingo: Online events held regularly throughout the year, where residents can win all sorts of prizes.



(For more information, search the group titles on Facebook.)

GJK Homebrew: Homebrewing community for beer enthusiasts, meeting and brewing in H20 with opportunity to try out GJK’s own homebrew.

GJK TTRPG group: A place for residents to get together and play roleplaying games. Generally playing connected one-shots using D&D 5e.

GJK Boardgames: A group for those who want to meet up and play board games. Residents can also bring their own games that they wish to play with others.

GJK Knitting club: For anyone who wants to get together and knit, crochet, embroider or any other creative activity. Hot drinks are provided.

Queer/LGBT+ Community at GJK: A group for Queer/LGBT and questioning residents to help create a community across the entire dorm.


Weekly Sports Activities

Yoga: There are yoga classes held weekly in H20. There are limited spots available, so you need to sign up on the Facebook Group – GJK Sports. All levels are welcome!

GJK Football Teams: We have both a men’s team and a women’s team. Both teams train together on the
football field near by DR Byen. The training takes place from 7pm to 9pm every Tuesday. For more info
check out the Facebook page: Grønjorden – GJK Soccer.

Meditation, massage and body therapy in H20: During the session you might experience deep relaxation,
releasing tension, pain reduction and a rise in connection to your body, breath and emotions. Everyone is
welcome. It is possible to book massage as well as meditation classes through the Facebook site: GJK

It is free as long as you are a resident at Grønjordskollegiet.

Kollegianer Foreningen can consist of 6 board members (The chairman, the treasurer and 4 regular
board members) and two suppleants.

Kollegianer Foreningen is open to all ideas from the residents of Grønjordskollegiet. All you need
to do is to contact one of the board members or send an E-mail to the board an E-mail:
We look forward to hear from you! ☺