Explore Grønjordskollegiet

On this page, you will find a map and an overview of the dormitory’s many different facilities.


The blocks

Washing rooms

In each block, there is a laundry room which contains 3 washing machines and 1 large dryer as well as a sink.

The machines which have washing powder automatically included costs DKK 12.50 and a 5 min. tumble dryer costs DKK 1.75. 


You can find the washrooms in the basements behind the elevator.


You use the chip which is also used for the dorm entrances. When moving in, you will recevie a code and guide for the washing system.


Bicycle cellar

In addition to the many outdoor bike racks, the dormitory also has space for you to park your bike indoors.
Be aware that there is limited space in the bicycle cellars and that we clean out abandoned bicycles on an annual basis. Pay attention to each other and give each other space.


The bicycle compartments are located in the basement of each block, right in front of the basement entrance.


You can gain access to the bicycle cellar through your private key.


Storage room

Each block has a basement room equipped with storage cabinets which are accessible to the occupants.


The storage rooms are located in the basement of each block, opposite of the laundry room.


To get a storage cabinet, contact the administration, who can give you a key to the storage room.

You pay a deposit of DKK 225 for the key. The key only applies to the room itself, you must have your own padlock for your assigned closet.


Furniture bank (shelves for the room)

The furniture bank has shelves for the room. If you want one or more shelves, please feel free to contact the inspector for more information.
Please note that shelves will only be delivered once a week. 


Piano room

Do you enjoy playing the piano? In addition to its music room, the dormitory also has 2 piano rooms, which you can have free access to as a resident.


In the basement of block 3.


To access the piano rooms, contact the administration, who can provide you with a key.

You pay a deposit of DKK 225 for the key.


Network office

At the dormitory’s network office, it is possible to get answers to questions about the network and its use. It is not possible to get help with installing and using programs. See more about the network here.

The network office is open after appointment

You can contact the network office through their email sysadm@gjk.dk.


In the basement of block 4, by the washroom.

Tabletennis room

In addition to a fitness room and an outdoor multi-court, the dormitory also has a table tennis room that can be used by the residents.


In the basement of block 6.


To access the table tennis room, please contact the administration, who can provide you with a key. The key also give access to the dormitory’s other fitness facilities, as mentioned above.

You pay a deposit of DKK 225 for the key.


The common house

Meeting rooms and study group rooms

At Grønjordskollegiet, there are also 3 study group rooms and 1 large meeting room available for the residents.


The common house, 1st. floor


The study group rooms are always open. You can book the meeting room through the Collegiate Association.



The printer is available to all residents who may want to print.

Bring your computer and connect the printer via a USB cable, so you can print directly from your computer. Alternatively, it is also an option to connect a USB directly to the printer.


The printer is located on the 1st floor of the common house in the room by the stairs.


Gym/fitness room

In the common house you can find the dormitory’s gym. To be able to use the gym, you must be a resident of Grønjordskollegiet. To enter the room, you must use a gym key, which you can get handed out in the administration, in exchange for you making a deposit of DKK 225. The same key can also be used for the “cage”, ie the football field and the table tennis room in block 6.

If you have never tried strength training before, it is a good idea to find an acquaintance at the dormitory who can help you get started.

Fitness is cleaned every Wednesday and Sunday evening between 22:00-00:00. The room may be used during that time, but consideration must be given so that the cleaning can take place.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the fitness room are the same as for the common building, which is as follows:
Every day 06:00 – 23:30

Rules of order for the fitness room

§ 1. Loose weights, specified as Dumbbells, Rods and Weight Discs may ONLY be used on the black shock-absorbing rubber floor. Violation of this rule can result in up to one month quarantine.

§ 2. Equipment and weights must be put back in their proper place after use.

§ 3. Food and soft drinks may not be consumed in the gym. However, water is allowed.

§ 4. If you sweat on machines or equipment, wipe them with a towel or similar.

§ 5. The exercise room may only be used by residents of the green earth dormitory, ie. no friends / acquaintances / girlfriends from outside.

These Rules apply from 18.9.2006.


Contact information
Fitness room managers are:
Emil Lindhardsen
Email: lindhardsenemil@gmail.com


The administrationsbuilding, 1st. floor


To gain access to the gym, you must contact the administration, which can provide you with a key that also applies to the dormitory’s other fitness facilities.

You pay a deposit of DKK 225 for the key.



Other buildings and outdoor facilities


A great place to meet other residents is through the dormitory bar Hatten, which serves cold beers and labre drinks at student-friendly prices.

Click here for more informations regarding Hatten.

Opening hours
Friday: 22.00 – 04.00
Laturday: 22.00 – 04.00


H18, the yellow building located at block 2 and the administration building. The entrance is through the gate.


Guest housing

If you get your family to visit and they need a place to stay, you have the option of renting a room in one of the dormitory houses.

The rooms are rented on a first-come, first-served basis and can only be rented by residents and staff at the dormitory.

There are 2 double bedrooms, which share the same bathroom and kitchen. In the kitchen there is kitchen equipment for 6 people. There is a microwave and kettle.

The rooms are only rented out for overnight stays, not for parties.


In H10, the white building near block 4 and the multi-court.


To rent a room in H10, contact the administration.


Prices per. July 1, 2012

1 day From Monday at 11:00 to the next day at 10.00 DKK 250
Weekend From Friday at 11:00 to Sunday at 10.00 kr. 450, –
Before renting, a deposit of DKK 500 must be paid.

When booking the rooms, a deposit and rent are paid in advance. The deposit is refunded 2 days after the end of the lease.


If you want to sew, make clay or carve a project together, then we have a creativity room where you can unfold your creative abilities and meet other creative residents.


In the basement of H10.


The workshop is open on demand. To hear more, you can join the workshop’s Facebook group.


Music room

In addition to the dormitory’s 2 piano rooms, we also have a music room with various instruments that the residents can use.


In the basement of H20


To access the music room, contact the administration, who can provide you with a key.

You pay a deposit of DKK 225 for the key.



At the dormitory, you will also find an outdoor multi-court where you e.g. can play football and basketball and volleyball.


By block 6, towards Røde Mellemvej and Hegningen.


To access the multi-court, contact the administration, who can provide you with a key. The key also provides access to the dormitory’s other fitness facilities.

You pay a deposit of DKK 225 for the key.