Grønjordskollegiet has a fast 250 Mbit connection, which all residents have free access to. The dormitory’s network and Internet connection are managed by two employed system administrators. You can always contact us at

Apply to get a network account.

You must apply for a network account if you have just moved in. You can do this online here, or you can contact the network office

Network office

The network office is located in the basement of block 4, next to the laundry room. Here you have the opportunity to get answers to questions about the network and its use. It is not possible to get help with installing and using programs; refer to the online help group here.

The network office is open after an appointment

Logging onto the internet

Log on to the Internet from here and see your consumption. There is a guide on how to set up your computer to log on to the Internet every time you start your browser.

You can also use NetLogon to log on to the Internet every time you start your computer.

For the more advanced users, it is possible to download the Perl script, which can also be used to log in automatically. However, this is only recommended for people who already know Perl or use UNIX / Linux, where Perl typically follows. You must open the file yourself and enter your username and password.