Practical information

Urgent damages and repair

In the event of acute damages that require immediate action, you must contact SSG, which handles damage after e.g. fire, water, storm, burglary, etc.

SSG is open 24 hours a day and can be contacted at the telephone number: 44543742.

Property officers (Handy persons)

Grønjordskollegiet’s property officers can help you if something is broken in your room or in your kitchen.

This can e.g. be toilet, shower, floor, mixer tap, vidue, exhaust, radiator, doors, cupboard and sink.
When you report errors and omissions, you must be aware that your room or kitchen must be tidy and clean.

You can also contact the property officials if you discover any damage to e.g. the corridors of the dormitory or if there are problems with the washing machines.

They can be contacted by email:
Remember to include name and room number / Kitchen number and letter.

When you write an email to with errors and omissions in your room, it is important that you write a power of attorney to us in the email that we may enter your room if you are not at home.

Parking rules

Parking permit is required to use the parking areas associated with Grønjordskollegiet.
There are two types of permits: permanent and guest parking permits.

Each tenant has one permant license and 7 guest licenses per month. A guest license works for 24 hours.

The licenses are made digitally. When moveing you will recevie a link by e-mail from Parkware.
Here you will find a guide for registration of a parkring license.
If you need help creating a license please feel free to contact Parkware by phone +45 5353 2500 or e-mail

A fine is issued for not having a valid parkring license.

Light bulbs and tubes

Light bulbs and tubes can be provided for a fee. The price per piece is DKK 18.00. Payment can be made at the administration with Dankort or Mobilepay.

While in stock, it is also possible to buy curtains (DKK 965,00) and a lamp (DKK 5,00) for the room.

Setting up curtain/blind

You are welcome to install blinds and curtains yourself. Please note, that it may only be installed in the top area of the wooden frame. It is not permitted to drill elsewhere. If drilled elsewhere, the cost of repair and possibly replacement will be deducted from the deposit when moving out.

Heating advice

When winter is closing in…

… This means that the dormitory rooms can get really cold and that the radiators are turned up to max. We in the residents’ council would like to avoid both situations.
So here are some tips on how the room can stay warm and how we can save the environment and dorm money at the same time.

  1. Close the door to the hallway and the bathroom when you are at home. It will take a lot of the drag that goes through the room from the window and out to the door.
  2. If you need to ventilate, turn off the radiator in the meantime!
  3. If there are drafts from your windows, you can contact the blue men and have your window repaired.
  4. If it pulls a lot in of your door, you can easily put a sealing strip up under the door, which can be bought cheaply in hardware stores.
  5. On really cold days, it can help to draw the curtains, it takes the worst pull from the windows.
  6. When leaving the room for a long time, turn down or turn off the radiator. If necessary, leave the window open until you return to improve your indoor climate.
  7. If it gets very hot in the room, turn down the radiator rather than putting on fewer clothes.

In addition, you should keep the window valve open for an optimal indoor climate.

Use of new windows

In this video you can see how the new windows open and close.

In the guide you will also find instructions for the windows.