At Grønjordskollegiet we offer two different types of rooms (single and double). Each room has its own shower and toilet, as well as its own entrance hall with closets. In addition, as a resident, you share a kitchen with 11-12 other rooms. The dormitory houses about 1,000 residents and consists of 5 blocks with 8 floors, each of which has 21 single rooms and 2 double-walled axes.

360 tour

View digital tour of single room and double room.


Single rooms

The single rooms consist of an entrance hall with closets of 2 m², a room of 12 m² and a bathroom with toilet and shower of 2 m². A small but bright room, with a large window providing proper light. You can find floor plans for the single rooms here: Floorplan-singleroom


Prices from August 2022

Single Room kr. 2.402,00
Collegiate Association kr. 100,00
Rent per. month: kr. 2.502,00
Deposit: kr. 4.500,00
Total: kr. 7.002,00

The price includes water, heat and internet

Double Room

The double rooms consist of an entrance hall, two interconnecting rooms totalling 24 m² and a bathroom with its own shower and toilet. In addition, there is significantly more closet space than there is in the single rooms. In all hallways there are 2 double rooms.

Double rooms are only available upon application on

Prices from August 2022

Double Room kr. 3.766,00
Collegiate Association kr. 200,00
Rent per. month: kr. 3.966,00
Deposit: kr. 7.500,00
Total: kr. 11.466,00

The price includes water, heat and internet.


At Grønjordskollegiet, we have 80 communal kitchens, where 11-13 residents share each kitchen. The kitchens are equipped with standard furniture (table and chairs), as well as a router for wireless Wifi which you can log in through your network account. The kitchens are also equipped with 3 large refrigerators and freezers, as well as a smaller refrigerator and a cabinet system with 1 cabinet for each resident, with the option to put a padlock on.

Each kitchen at Grønjordskollegiet is unique, as they are decorated and equipped by the residents. In most kitchens, in addition to finding various tableware and cooking utensils, you will also find a sofa and a TV.

It is the residents’ own responsibility to maintain the kitchens and keep them clean, cf. the dormitory’s kitchen regulations. The weekly kitchen cleaning changes from room to room. Many kitchens choose to run a common kitchen box, where the residents collect for various necessities, such as. kitchen roll, soap and oil. However, the kitchen box system is up to the individual kitchen.

The Kitchen Community

Sharing a kitchen brings people together, as many things take place together such as study talk, dining and cosiness. Here we share happy and sad days. But when people with different backgrounds, attitudes and habits live together, then challenges will arise that must be solved together.

Community and dinner nights

The kitchen is a gathering place for all collegiates. It differs from kitchen to kitchen how social you choose to be. But having a nice dinner or movie night once in a while contributes to the social life. If you have a Facebook group, you can do some events, such as grilling food in the summer. The possibilities are endless. A strong community is also often better at solving the challenges that sometimes arise in a kitchen with different people. For us, it is important that there is room for everyone and for the community.

A green kitchen is a happy kitchen

We want to take care of the environment. We therefore have mandatory waste sorting in the kitchens.

You will find containers for waste sorting between blocks 4 and 6 and behind block 2. Plastic and metal sorting can only be found behind block 2.
It is recommended that you read the Copenhagen Municipality’s guidelines for waste sorting. This avoids unnecessary environmental waste in connection with waste sorting, as not all recycling is green recycling.