New emergency procedures

Starting from October 15, emergency situations at Grønjordskollegiet will be dealt with by SSG – Skadeservice.

The emergency procedure ensures that rapid intervention can take place in the event of serious operational disruptions or serious damage to property and buildings outside the Administration’s opening hours.

Remember – if it is assessed that an inquiry to the emergency scheme is not urgent, you will be informed that it can wait until the next working day. Acute problems can be:

  • Failure of the heat supply to a greater extent
  • Failure of water supply to a greater extent
  • Failure of the electricity supply to a greater extent
  • Failure of elevators
  • Wire breakage where serious consequential damages must be considered unavoidable.
  • Clogging of sewers or gutters, where serious consequential damage must be considered unavoidable

In case of fire, call 112 immediately and activate the fire-alarm in the hallway to begin evacuation procedures.

Information for the emergency service – to be contacted outside opening hours of the administration office:

SSG – Damage service
Monday – Thursday between 15.00-07.30
Friday – Monday between 12.00-07.30
44 54 37 42

Yours sincerely,

The administration at Grønjordskollegiet