The administration is temporarily closed for personal service due to Covid-19 restrictions.
The administration is closed until further notice.

It is still possible to contact the administration per. mail and telephone, see contact info below.

Within the dormitory’s opening hours, you will find our inspector Kim as well as our local administration in the administration building. The dormitory is administered by the management company FA09, which you also have the opportunity to contact.

Below you will find an overview of who to contact about what. The overview is not exhaustive.

Local administration and inspector

  • Various error messages in the home (outside office hours SSG can be contacted, see more under practical information)
  • Various practical tasks: eg lending drills, renting H10, handing out keys, fitness, etc.
  • Evacuation (evacuation view)
  • Moving in (handing out keys)
  • Rent (collection, payment, etc. in collaboration with FA09)raflytningssyn)
  • Indflytning (udlevering af nøgler)
  • Husleje (opkrævning, indbetaling m.v. i samarbejde med FA09)


  • Contracts for rent
  • Internal relocation/moving
  • Relocation (termination, re-letting, relocation settlement)
  • Renting out your room
  • Study check
  • Other

Grønjordsvej 1
2300 København S

Phone: (+45) 3255 6565

Kollegierne ved FA09
Dalslandsgade 8, A102
2300 Københavns S

Phone: (+45) 3255 6565 / (+45) 3288 6000


What is the board?

The Board of Directors is the supreme authority of the dormitory and makes the final decision in major decisions about the College.

Organisationally, the Board consists of:
2 members appointed from educational institutions
2 members appointed from Political parties
2 members from the Residents’ Council, ie. 2 collegiate.

The Board of Directors meets twice a year together with the Inspector and the Business Manager. Here, the budget and accounts for the college are approved.

Bestyrelsens vedtægter (opdateret 2019)